Business Systems, a.s., has been successfully operating on the Czech information technology market for 18 years. We offer complex software services, custom-made development and support of corporate open source solutions, such as ADempiere, Compiere, ERP5, Alfresco, PALO and Talend, to our clients in banking, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, tourism, and aviation industries as well as to small  manufacturing and trading companies. 

Customised solutions are developed for the customers. The company cooperates with renowned partners on the Czech market (Deloitte, NextiraOne, Oracle).

The company places great emphasis on professional knowledge and competence of its employees who are regularly educated at partner organizations. Organizational structure consists of process and project teams that are compact units responsible for the implementation of individual orders. In practice, this means that the client is assigned a team of skilled workers, who are fully committed to implementation of the contract, which contributes to better communication between the client and our company, to higher productivity and to shortening the execution of the contract.

The company also supplies and supports a number of model projects.  Lawson Software,  American ERP system for large organizations, is fully supported. Staff is trained to give technological support  for ABAP / SAP and offers services in this area. The company is a partner of the German company MIS / AG.

The company localizes  ADempiere ERP system for small and medium organizations and introduces it to the Czech market.