ADempiere is the general economic system with specialized features for distribution, service and manufacturing organizations. It is distributed as open source under license GPL and its source code is freely available and free. ADempiere uses modern technology based on Java, J2EE application server and robust databases such as Oracle or PostgreSQL.

All activities of your business - from economic management and planning of enterprise resources planning ERP to CRM are integrated into a single system. ADempiere provides a highly robust, flexible and configurable ERP / CRM solution that provides access to information throughout the organization. ADempiere allows you to make changes depending on how it develops its own organizational needs. At any time the customer can use to change the structure of information and an application to adapt to new information needs. ADempiere functionality is especially useful for organizations small and medium size (SME).

ADempiere provides solutions for businesses seeking low-cost and quick implementation. The application provides a stable functionality, quality and standardized user interface. The functionality was designed for applications requiring organizations causing both domestically and globally.


The system has the following basic features and functionality :

A comprehensive accounting of the Czech and Slovak standards, GAAP and IFRS

Multilingual and multicurrency features

All aspects of the acquisition, operation and customer retention (CRM)

Supplier Relationship Management (SCM)

Monitoring and analysis of business performance

Billing and Payment

Management of stock


Supply Management

Production modules

Self-service module for customers and suppliers


Reporting, analysis

Custom development framework enabling change and extend functionality without programming


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