Palo is an open type of business intelligence technology based on the principle of commercial
Open Source
, which allows you to convert your agenda in the Excel data into the system environment cubes. This provides a sophisticated tool for all business planning, reporting and analysis.

All data are in one place and easy to work with, not only in Microsoft Excel, but also
OpenOffice Calc or web browser.

Users of MS Excel
User Palo need not give up the familiar environment of Excel, Palo only ensure that corporate information can be simultaneously view and analyze all dimensions that are important to the user. Each user reads and writes to the same multidimensional database, it is all based planning and reporting
on consistent and current data.

The financial directors / managers
Get a platform that improves data quality and allows better management and decision making in your company. Fully integrated system for reporting, always accessible in real time for each manager. Do you that you are missing data consistency among all organizational units of the company or your data is not accurate and timely - in the form of Palo BI Business Intelligence solution reached to ensure outputs and processes with "one version of truth."

Palo users with all key simple and structured system for managing, analyzing and
reporting organizational data. Can integrate all business models that will facilitate decision-making
process and offer reliable data. Palo can continue to use well-known, trusted tools
(Eg Spreadsheets, reports, summaries, etc.) as part of a sophisticated and fast-to-implement

Systems and IT staff
They are quick results with fast implementation, minimal training costs and lower initial
your investment priority in the selection of BI solutions? Prefer the independence of the external provider of IT services? To enable end users to manage and control their solution? They are high license fees on each user workstation or reason unseeded solutions throughout the company? It is for you data integrity problem between Office applications such as Microsoft Excel? If so, try Palo system
from Jedox. Palo is a set of commercial Open Source components that have been successfully
implemented a BI solution in many leading organizations in a wide range of industries.

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