Our major references.

Czech Export Bank
Main banking system -  development and operation of most software modules for its own banking system.

Air Navigation Services in the Czech Republic
Air navigation reports for the intranet, integration of applications into Web services.

CEZ Group
Specialized solutions based on Oracle portal and Java.

General University Hospital in Prague
Delivery, maintenance and operation of the economic information system for the whole hospitál based on Lawson modules, control system for reporting to insurance companies and management information system.

University Hospital Bulovka
Data warehousing based on MIS AG (management information systems).

Aliatel, a.s.
Maintenance of software projects in Oracle,  optimization of Billing module.

NextiraOne, a.s.
Development of communication components.

Energy Regulatory Office
Creation and maintenance of web pages.

Madalbal ERP / CRM Compiere solution for distribution companies
Implementation of open source solutions to complex of European companies.

ZAT Pribram Support of IFS ERP system
Creation of specialized reports for economic and production system.

Case studies.
Integration of corporate Open Source

 Partner references.
MIS PALO – partner company SEFIMA s.r.o.

ADempiere – partner company Zitec s.r.o.

ADempiere – partner company MULTIMAGE s.r.o.